About Us

Company Background:

Incorporated in 2022 as a subsidiary of O’la-Kleen Holdings Limited, Proforce Air System’s is gradually becoming the pioneer and only total Air defence provider in West Africa. As Nigeria’s first and only indigenous drone manufacturing company, Proforce Air System’s is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and specializes in offering Air tactical solutions that ensure personal protection across all terrains; in the sea, the air and on the land.

Drone Eagle 3
Proforce air systems

Driven by the passion to provide top notch defence fpr Private, Farming, Government, Armed Forces, Pipeline Surveillance, Territorial mapping
Over the past years, Proforce Air System’s has leveraged research and exploited deep technical know-how to produce and develop outstanding portfolio of products for domestic and international clients including but not limited to; Nigerian Government, Togolese Government and our international partner’s

Your Safe Aerial Solution

Proforce has developed turnkey capacity for the
Production and Maintenance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Trainer Aircrafts and other Ancillary Equipment required for Air Defence operations

Mission and Values

Our mission is to (be) a complete industrial chain for drone products, including components, parts, systems, AI algorithms, solutions, and training services. be the world’s leading drone provider, in Agriculture, Pipeline Surveillance, Tactical missions, Surveillance mission for all sector’s, boasting formidable research and development, as well as efficient production and delivery capabilities.