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Proforce Air Systems Limited is an indigenous organization set up to provide defence solutions that address threats with the use of sophisticated technology to develop modern Aerospace Products and Services for the Air Defence Industry.

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Who We Are

Proforce has established strategic partnership with its technical partners all over the world to ensure the local development, supply and installation of advanced unmanned security solutions and air systems in Nigeria and across Africa. In addition, Proforce Air Systems Limited has built capacity through strategic partnerships to offer turnkey solutions for diverse security challenges.

We have developed competencies in Air Systems – providing various aerial platforms for Intelligence Gathering, Cyber Intelligence Solutions, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems Integrations. Proforce has developed turnkey capacity for the Production and Maintenance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Trainer Aircrafts and other Ancillary Equipment required for Air Defence operations.

Surveillance Drones

PF Eagle 3

The Eagle 3 UAV is a cutting-edge, highly versatile Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft designed for top-tier mapping and surveillance missions.

Proforce Air Systems

PFAG 16 (Agric Drone)

Wheelbase: 1721mm
Dimensions (Unfolded): 2301 x 2241 x 813mm
Dimensions (Folded): 1026 x 581 x 813mm

Attack Drones

PF Cardinal

PF Cardinal is an innovative UAV designed for precision aerial attacks using 60mm, 82mm, or 120mm mortar rounds, achieving effects comparable to guided....

Proforce Drones

PF Kaka

Max. Flight Time : 60 min
Cruising Speed: 12 m/s
Max. Horizontal Speed: 20 m/s
Max. Ascent Speed: 5 m/s

Our Drones

PF Marlin

Max. Flight Time : 50 min
Cruising Speed: 12 m/s
Max. Horizontal Speed: 20 m/s
Max. Ascent Speed: 3 m/s


PF Spider

The PF SPIDER is a multi-rotor drone capable of carrying either 4 * 60mm mortar rounds or 2 * 82mm mortar rounds.

Your Safe Aerial Solution

We provide comprehensive support and cater to various applications, while focusing on tech innovation to create higher value for customers.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to a complete industrial chain for drone products, including components, parts, systems, AI algorithms, solutions, and training services. be the world’s leading drone provider, in Agriculture, Pipeline Surveillance, Tactical missions, Surveillance mission for all sector’s, boasting formidable research and development, as well as efficient production and delivery capabilities.


Introducing the Proforce Air System, an exceptional UAV that redefines aerial capabilities with a blend of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled design. This drone, boasting a 2-meter wingspan, is engineered to conquer the skies with an array of remarkable features.

Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL):

The Proforce UAV elegantly combines the convenience of vertical takeoff and landing, offering versatility in deployment scenarios.

Fully Autonomous:

Experience the future of aerial operations with the Proforce UAV’s fully autonomous capabilities. Effortlessly execute complex missions with pre-programmed waypoints and intelligent navigation.

Backup GNSS and Magnetic Compass Sensor:

The Proforce Air System prioritizes precision and reliability with dual redundancy through backup GNSS and magnetic compass sensors, ensuring accurate navigation in diverse environments.

RTK High-Precision Landing:

Elevate your missions with RTK high-precision landing, ensuring pinpoint accuracy during critical maneuvers. This feature is a testament to Proforce’s commitment to delivering unmatched precision.

Long Endurance:

With an impressive endurance capability, the Proforce Air System ensures extended flight durations, allowing for prolonged missions without compromising on performance.

Land and Takeoff on Moving Vehicles:

Unleash the potential of dynamic operations by seamlessly landing and taking off from moving vehicles. This feature enhances the drone’s adaptability for a wide range of applications.

Multiple Fail-Safe Mechanisms:

Built with safety in mind, the Proforce UAV incorporates multiple fail-safe mechanisms to mitigate risks and ensure a secure return in the face of unforeseen challenges.

High-Resolution Cameras (EO/IR):

Capture the world with unparalleled clarity using the high-resolution EO/IR cameras onboard the Proforce UAV. From detailed visual inspections to night-time surveillance, this drone excels in diverse imaging scenarios.

Proforce Air System stands at the forefront of UAV technology, embodying innovation, reliability, and performance. Whether deployed for surveillance, reconnaissance, or specialized missions, this drone is a testament to Proforce’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of aerial capabilities. Elevate your operations with the Proforce Air System – where excellence meets the skies.